Needing Hope

My family told me years ago I had, osteosarcoma. I never exactly knew what it was, but I did know I had a bone cancer. I never really thing about it. I just may be just not trying to worry about it. Lately my older sisters have been talking about it more, and more often. Which gets me worried. I have things like mini-panicattacks. I have always just pushed it away, thinking I will be fine, nothing will happen. But, since my sisters have been talking about it more recently it gets harder to push the worry away. They also made me realize my parents should have been taking me to the bone doctor so nothing happens. The last time I have ever gone to the bone doctor when I was about 7 or 8 years old. So when that gets into my head i always think, something could be going wrong, or will go wrong soon. That if something happens we could have stopped it if my parents took me to the doctor to get them checked more often. But, for now I just have to hope, and wish that my osteosarcoma will not get worse.
SilverLuna100 SilverLuna100
13-15, F
Sep 5, 2012