Well, Let Me See...

Yeah, I/we have a lot of interests besides sex. I enjoy cooking, photography, building things (mostly with wood), working in the yard, trying to get things to grow, etc.  My wife helps with the yard, does some of the cooking, and loves to shop!  We're also interested in traveling more, which we plan to do next year.  Of course, as we travel, we want to spend time at some good nudist resorts along the way.

The mention of nudist resorts immediately plants sexual thoughts in the minds of a lot of people.  But, that's not how it should be.  OK, so if truth be known, there's a lot of sex at nudist resorts but it's behind closed doors, except at some adult locations.  We might even try one of the adult nudist resorts not too far from us.

Yes, we have interests besides sex.  But, at our ages we still enjoy sex, still enjoy talking about it, and still enjoy sharing it with others.  So, why not spend a little time writing about it on EP, too?  ;-)
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
Sep 25, 2012