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I am 25 and was diagnosed with Otosclerosis a few years ago. My dad also has it too. My main hearing loss is in the right ear but I slowly feel the loss in the left ear as well. I am scheduled to have surgery in one month and I'm so nervous. My dad had the surgery and got some kind of infection and lost all hearing in his left ear. The disease has also effected his right ear but they can't/won't do corrective surgery in case it happens again. It's heart breaking to see him struggle to hear because I know the feeling. I'm trying to stay positive. It's nice to read these stories and see that it's not just my dad and I going through this. I will keep an update on how my surgery goes =]
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I was recently diagnosed with Otosclerosis. Please post back on here to let us know how your surgery went. I do not plan to get the surgery anytime soon as my hearing loss in still minimal, but I guess over time i might worsen and I might eventually need to make a decision about the surgery. Best wishes!