I was just diagnosed with this condition yesterday, needless to say I am freaking out and trying to figure out where my gene pool went wrong... How gradual was everyones hearing loss? How long until you waited to get the surgery?
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I am thinking of having surgery too. It I'm scared

you can also read my story, but other symptoms I have are:<br />
<br />
1. the sound of wind blowing through my ears and some crackling sounds and<br />
2. the ability to hear abnormally well in loud environments<br />
<br />
KATIA,<br />
<br />
I hope your surgery went well, I'd love to hear about it, I'm scheduled for surgery on July 20, 2007.

what other symptoms did you have besied hearing loss? Did you feel your ears were full, blocked, pressure filled? Any crackleing sounds when you yawned or swallowed?<br />
thanks I would really like to know since thee are the symptoms i am experiencing..

I think it gradually happened to me over a year before I noticed that something was wrong with my hearing and then I tried to deal with it thinking it was nothing for about another year, then I went to my doctor who thought it was something else and I kept going back and forth to her for about a year and she wouldn't send me to a specialist. I got a new doctor this year and went to a specialist who diagnosed me with the condition. My surgery is on May 17. I hate having surgery.