Highly Stressed

I was diagnosed with otosclerosis about 7 months ago after pregnancy complications where I lost my son. I decided to wait to see if I could handle the hearing loss. I guess I was in denial for a while. And was dealing with grief from the loss of my son. I have now come to a point of acceptance and want to have the surgery done. Did any of you have this done? And what was your experience? Can you hear again?

As you know, I am under so much stress and anxiety right now. I am working with my insurance to get the appropriate referrals and to get a second opinion.

Any advice would be helpful.
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2 Responses Jun 11, 2007

When my son was one year old, I found my left ear lost some hearing, after half year, I got to know I got otosclerosis, now my hearing is decreasing, not only left ear, and also right ear started. Anyway, I think I need to live with it. I think if you plan to have baby, you need sunshine, and food with Ca & Vd, and don't watch TV or computer long time. I think otosclerosis is that the ear bone going to old firstly, (so we like very old person who lost hearing) so you need to do something to turn the tendency slowly as much as possible. Please happy for everyday, and sleep well, as it will be good for health. Good luck!

I am sorry for your loss. If you plan on getting pregnant again I would wait on the surgery. I have otosclerosis and pregnancy really affected my hearing. I had to go back for revision surgery.