Otosclerosis At the Worst Possible Time!!

while I understand there is NO good time to experience hearing loss, I experienced dramatic hearing loss the summer before I entered Law School!! it was devestating to go to class and not be able to hear a word the professors were saying, and to add insult to injury, when I went to the Law School administration for help, NO ONE would help me!!  I was away from home for the first time, and felt so alone, a period of time that was already set to be one of the most stressful of my life, and I had added stressors on top of it. I had no health insurance, I knew no one, and was all alone!  I FINALLLY nearly a year later acquired insurance through the school thanks to GOD, and was eventually given an assumed diagnosis of otosclerosis by the otolaryngologist.  I have a stapedectomy scheduled for Friday July 20, 2007.  Has anyone ever had a stapedectomy before?  and what's scary is that the doctor can't give me a definite diagnosis until he looks around in there.  Well here are my symptoms, can anyone else relate to these?

1. sudden drastic hearing loss [although my hearing has never been the best, it took a drastic turn for the worst last summer--I initially had drastic loss in my left ear only, like 3 years ago, but it moved to my right ear last summer]
2. sounds like wind blowing through my ears, this is what my doctor calls tinnitus
3. I can actually hear very well [better than everyone else I know] in noisy environments like a restaurant or bar.
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If you want kids, it is best for you to have stapes after you have given birth to your last child. This is because the bones inplants - the stapes that the doctor puts in- will probably rupture during childbirth and cause you permanent total hearing loss. You could always plan a C-section to avoid this problem, but there is still that risk the baby will come - unplanned (as many babies do) through natural birth.<br />
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I also can hear better at nightclubs, it certainly is an added advantage. But I have hearing aids and I usually wear my hearing aids to nightclubs because I forget to take them off! They are a god send. Before I had them I felt completely isolated. My friends love me but they always rolled their eyes because I never quite understood parts of the conversation. I felt so out of it. I'd become less and less social and was constantly frustrated at not hearing my lecturers, or normal conversations. Hearing aids have changed my life and I can hear everything again. The TV is now normal volume, and people can whisper to me without me saying "WHAT?" Try them!

I would highly recommend you check out hearing aides first. I had a stapedectomy that went bad. It killed my cochlea completely and I had to have a BAHA implant in my skull. Now the other ear is going. I may have to have a cochlear implant. I am supposedly the exception, but I have heard many stories like this. If I could do it all over again, I would go hearing aides only.