I first started losing my hearing when I was 13. I suffered an abrupt and massive hearing loss literally over night when I was 13, and I had to be fitted for a hearing aid in my left ear, my right ear was too far gone to benefit from a hearing aid.
I was misdiagnosed by my doctor as to what was causing the hearing loss, it wasn't till several years later, when I was 19, that they figured out I have Otosclerosis.

I went in for surgery when I was 19, I'm not even sure if they did a stapectomy or not. Either way the surgery was unsuccessful. All it did was make me horribly ill for weeks. Then when I was 20 I suffered another abrupt and massive hearing loss that resulted in me being legally deaf. I'm very close to being totally deaf, luckily I have a strong hearing aid in my left ear that helps, and I'm a very good lip reader

I don't care for my audiologist at all, I feel as though he messed up with me, and he is not interested in exploring anything other than a cochlear implant, which I'm not interested in. I'm currently pregnant, and of course I've heard all the mythical horror stories about how otosclerosis worsens during pregnancy which has been proven to be false.

I know eventually I will become fully deaf unless something is done, and it's time for a new doctor. Does anyone have any information in any new treatment for this disease they've heard about? I recently read a stem cell research project was happening with this disease. Fingers crossed there is a solution in the near future.
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Hello there, I have read your story. I have Otosclerosis myself, but i got it after a motor accident. Did you get any more news about stem cell development?