Second Operation... Yay Or Nay


so i was 21, when i had my first stapedectomy, obiously the realisation that i was lipreading , more than i was actually hearing, came as a great shock. hearing ( no pun intended) the words, you need surgery, because you are going deaf, is not something you expect at such a young age. i am now almost 25, and lately ive experianced the same sensation in the other ear. everything sounds muffled, or like it is in my head. i think what gets to me is the frustration of trying to explain what is going on, to those around me, who crack jokes at my expence.

i am scheduled for my second stapedectomy on the 26th of march. and quite frankly i am even more freaked out than the first time around. eventhough the first operation was a success and i fully trust my specialist, i have some reservations about doing the surgery. i have been doing research on the surgery, and had i known then , what i know now, i would never have opted for the surgery in the first place. so do i trust that it will go well, or suffer the consequences of this condition. second operation.... yay or nay?

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1 Response Mar 3, 2010

How are you now? I also had it twice in the same hear and do not know what to expect in the near future. Have you been recommended to take any Fluoride tablets or contraceptive pill ( the last my doctor advices to me)? Would appreciate your feedback! Thanks!