Mommys Not All There

I have all these thoughts of limbs being broken falls being deathly drownings in bathtubs I m so stuck in my head with these thoughts that I cant get out my children always ask me why it takes me so long to answer them when they ask me a question. I cant slow down my mind fast enough to answer them quickly. It takes a few but I will answer. Im just tring to plan on how I can help them excape harm. Danger is always there even walking down the street. Which they dont do normaly. But they do take baths and we do live in a third story apartment.
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I'm sure you took your fair share of tumbles and skinned knees as a kid ... Kids are kids and no matter how protective you are there will be skinned knees, broken arms, etc. They ARE kids! I know that doesn't ease your mind and fears. I'm sorry. I wish I could help you with this. I just think it's normal to worry about your children's welfare.<br />
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Now ... considering your own mental welfare and these 'thoughts' ... I have to ask ... and please don't be upset with me ... <br />
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These fears of yours, images in your head ... the bad things you see aren't because of you - as in you didn't do it to them did you? <br />
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THAT would be a cause for concern most certainly!!! And I'd definitely seek help in regard to post pardem depression at that point. Those kind of thoughts at a mother's hand are kind of normal for post pardem ... <br />
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Take care of YOU!!!

Well, I'm really no expert, but welcome to motherhood. If you are worried about your children, that is so totally natural. God, on my pic I rode a bull and my mom called me like three times. She was so worried I was going to hurt myself. I was like Ma. Ma, I'm a grown man. I'm good. Sooooo, did not want to hear that. :P She knows not to call me on stuff like that, so she is emailing me and asking my sister what is going on. LOL, welcome to concerned parenting. That shows, to me, that you are a caring mother. As far as children go, they can't ask for more.

have you ever talked to your ob or family doctor about post partem depresion. Hormones can be so crazy after having children. Even if they are almost a year.