Where Are You Who Are You

Im not supposed to talk to my ex because of he wants to kill me and I put a order of protection againest him. He would tell me so many things to scare me and so many things that made me love him and so many things that were just lies. LIES all lies turns out he is hanging out at bars with drug dealers and is most likely doing drugs. HE never told me these things he always says he is at home and doesnt do anything because he is tired and depressed because were  not together. Not true my sister said she saw him drinking at the bar just the other day. So now I want to know if he has lied about being with other women he said no he is not but I know that is far from the truth if he lied to me about everything else. I miss him and I hate him I cant wait till my obsession with him goes away.
halfgone halfgone
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 15, 2007

I am here for you, so hard to put your feelings on a computer, but stay strong, you will feel better about yourself and your choices as time goes by, Donna