Lost My Mom To Oc

My mother passed from ovarian cancer June 2, 2010 the exact day of her retirement party. No one would have ever thought it was cancer. It started in January 2010 when my mother first was feeling very bloated, constipated and lost her appetite and went to her doctor who advised her to take stool softeners and introduce fiber into her diet such as Metamucil. Her stomach continued to grow bigger. One night in March she complained of chest pain and thinking she was having a heart attack we raced her to the hospital. She was treated for a mild heart attack and given plavix. We later found out that the liquids building in her stomach was the cause of her chest pain.
By April, her stomach gradually grew to the point she looked as if she was carrying twins. We still were under the impression that she was constipated and was the cause of her swollen belly. The doctor finally decided it was time to do a sonogram. They found a mass but wasn’t sure if it was cancer. They drained all the liquid and tested it. The liquid did not show any signs of cancer. They later did a biopsy on the mass to find it was indeed cancer. She was too weak for surgery so they wanted to start chemotherapy. The first run was ok. She was very weak and tired all the time. Within a week she started shaking nervously and uncontrollably. We took her to ER ; her oxygen was very low. She later went through 2 blood transfusions and the liquid continued to build again in her belly. She than found it hard to breathe and was in complete distress and we lost her.

NOW - Im apart of a great organization the teaches awareness... NOCC ovarian.org - visit us
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