Diagnosed Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer On 9/20/12

I am 46 yrs old. I was diagnosed September 20, 2012 and want to be able to fight this with everything I have.

The type I have is a very rare form of the disease. The cancer that I have is a very slow growing cancer. This has been there for many many years. This type is cancer is only in 2% of the cancer patients with ovarian cancer. It is also a cancer that does not typically respond to chemo. But, I knew if I didn't try chemo.. years down the road when this is ready to take me home, I would be asking myself.. what if I had tried?

I have had the debulking surgery, full hysterectomy, removal of the omendum, and scraping of the colon. I have currently completed 3 chemos and the 4th is this coming Tuesday. I am on carbo/taxol. My CA125 began at 99, after surgery was 77, after 1st chemo was at 22 and after 2nd chemo was 19.3. Even though they told me chemo would not work, it's working! I have a total of 6 chemos and after Tuesday I will have only 2 left! YEA! I have not had to have any adjustments made to the dose. They began with the highest amount they thought I could take and have not had to change the dose even once! So, with the Grace of God.... I'm fighting!
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Good news!

my thoughts and prayers are with you and hopefully I can find the same strength as you have.

Hi, all I can say is that You have the power in yourself ,like evryone of us,to get over it.It might sound like fiction,but it is not.Have faith and let the fear and doubt go away.Be strong. And if you want to try the scientific prayer ..contact me by skype and we can talk about it. Skype: n_m_rs. God bless.

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thank you and god bless..

Sounds like you're back on track to healthy living! Just wanted to reach out and say: yes, you are fighting! Don't stop!