Hi I'm new to the forum so here is abit about me and my situation.
My name is Mandi I'm 33, I've got a 14yr old son and have been with my other half 16yrs. I have suffered with IBS for about 7yrs now, so its normal for me to suffer with pain and bloatedness.
In May I went to the doctors bloated thinking my IBS was playing up more than normal, the doctor asked about my periods at this time I was regular as clockwork so gave me some medication which seemed to help. The following 2mths my periods become irregular so I returned to the doctors. I seen the lady doctors who asked me to make an appointment with the nurse for some swabs to be taken.
Two weeks later I returned for my results, my abdomin had bloated up even more. She examined my abdomin and gave me an internal and could feel a lump , said I needed to have a scan to see what it was.
Well I had my scan yesterday was ment to have an external and an internal, but ened up only needing the external. The lady conducting the scan said I had a cyst and that she would be fast tracking my result to the doctor and to make an appointment for the results in 3-4 days. Well 11am this morning the doctor phoned me and said I needed to go in and see him.
Now I've been refered to a gynocologist fast tracked again. I'm ment to going on holiday to Turkey on the 20th and only the gynocologist will be able to say if I can go or not.
The cyst is 22 x 19 x 12cm how much bigger can it grow?