Me Vs Cysts: This Is War

I felt so alone and unhappy this week and I'm happy I found this site. I first developed cysts at age 20 I didn't know what was wrong with me n I was constantly misdiagnosed. I didn't know what was wrong with me and the mass inside of me grew so large that it pressed onto both my stomach and bladder I lost a lot of weight as I couldn't eat sometimes a pack of juice was all I had in a day and I was satisfied. Anyway a scan discovered my enormous cyst. It was so big they had to operate immediatley, I was in hospital for 3 weeks and I lost my right ovary. At 21 I put what had happened to me out of my mind and forgot about it. For a few yrs everything was normal until at 25 I was trying to make L♥√ع to a new partner and bloodclots started falling out of me. I was so embarrassed he screamed n ran into the bathroom since then i was unable to have as normal sex life. This was half physical half psychological. I felt really scared of embarrassment and on the few times I tried to have sex I always seemed to bleed. Doctors were unhelpful. Last year a series of scans showed 2 new ovarian cysts had developed. I started researching natural cures online. I tried various herbs and supplements and stumbled upon natural progesterone cream. This really helped it regulated my periods and stopped all the bleeding in between periods and during sex. I'm 30 now and I met someone 6 months ago and its the best relationship I have ever had. The problem is the bleeding has come back. I started what I thought was a normal period 18 days ago and it hasn't stopped. I am scared n frustrated I want a normal sexual relationship n I'm scared that something is threating my only remaining ovary. Since this problem started age 20 it has been drummed into me not to talk about this to anyone. my culture links a womans worth to her ability to bear children n I'm scared I won't b able to. I'm dating the nicest guy I have ever met but he is very traditional n won't want to rush into a marriage or planned parenthood I don't want to break up with him but I'm scared my only hope of motherhood is if I get pregnant asap
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I am so happy for you I went to the doctor 8 months ago and was told I had a cyst on my kidneys, they did not do anything for it, but I do have to go back to have another MRI to see if I need a operation to have it remove. I mean I feel a little pain in my side but they wont do anything until September. I can empathy with you I had to have my colon surgically removed from my stomach and it is a blessing that I am still alive and have to adorable children ages 18 and 19 month old (both girls). You will find that right guy that will love you unconditionally in the court and out of the court. God Bless You I just love your story.