No More Pain, Please!

I'm a 39 year old, wife and mother of three. It was about four years ago that I lifted something heavy and it sent me to the hospital in pain that I thought I was dying. While there, and after many tests they found that I had an ovarian cyst that bust. They estimated the size to be 9 cm. Afterwards I was prescribed birth control pills by my OB/GYN. Which mostly helped, but finding one that won't make me depressed or give me other symptoms was a challenge. Over this past summer I forgot to pack the pills while heading off on our family vacation. So for the last three months I've been off the pill and have really heavy periods, PMS like no others, and I can tell I have another cyst. Always on my left side. This past weekend, I felt it burst. I was having nausea and light headedness, pain -more than what the cyst itself causes, and this god-awful bloating feeling like I have a ball in my stomach. I'm wondering what I can do other than take birth control pills. I don't really want to have to take drugs for the rest of my child-bearing years. I really just want my life back. I want to be able to be active with my family.
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I am 21 the youngest of my siblings ,I also have a cyst begining,I also have a spastic colon but I am experienecign horrible pain in my stomach and womb area.My doctor does nto seem so concerned,But I have all these symptoms I have been put on birth control pills and was told that it was going to help shrink the cyst,I doo some heavy work aroudn teh house.But I am goign to try treat it holisticly as that is my field I am in,I would like a normal life where I can be more active and not have to hold back,or leave the dinner table .I wish you well and will pray for you.

Sholmesindy- We, too, are done having children. My husband had a vasectomy and the week he did that, I was in the hospital with a ruptured cyst. I've been on numerous birth control pills, it's hard to find one with the least symptoms. I'm going back on the pill this weekend- I've had the most worst pms cramps of my life, not to mention the most heaviest period ever!, this week and now I feel I have a cyst on the right side. (Is that possible? During my period???) I have never felt one there before. It hurts way worse than anything I've had on my left side. I think I will make an appointment to get it checked. Have you heard anything about partial hysterectomy? I'd love to just get my ovaries taken out. I'm so tired of the pain, and just want to enjoy my family again. Thinking of you, with the pain you are in too. I wish there was a cure. Even with surgery to remove a cyst (which has to be a certain size) it's likely another one will form, I've been told...

I feel the same way. I am married, done with child bearing and my husband had a vasectomy. So now I'm on the pill (and have been for probably 2 years) just to keep the cysts away. And it really isn't that helpful. The first pill I was on elevated my triglycerrides so now I'm on another one and I feel like I have a cyst every 2-3 months. I have one right now that is so painful! I have been nauseated all day and my back and belly are killing me. I go back to the gyno next month....I want an alternative to BCP and I want my cysts gone!<br />
As far as I know the pill is the only option. Let me know if you find out something different!