Dermoid Cyst!!

I have always had this dull pain on my left side for many years, it wasn't really painful.....I notice at the end of Sept, the pain starting to bother me, i shrug it of, few day past, at night, i started to have fast heartbeat,  never felt this way before, my kids thought i was just freaking out, i kept telling them it was like i couldn't breathe, i put cold water on my face, even put my head in the freezer for relieve...i walked outside started to cry, thought i was dying , so i drove myself tho the ER!!!, they thought it was because i drank coffee, and didn't really eat much, so i was given an EKG and iv  and a sandwich and send home...two days after that the same thing happened again, this time i was told i had PID, was given antibiotic, a shot in my hip for infections, one week after i finish taking the all the medicine, i went  back to the er again, this time it was a female doctor who suggested i have a sonogram, and bingo, a 5cm dermoid cyst, and was told to be seen by a gyn for quickly  because these cyst could become big and twist...i was given hydrocodone apap 7.5 500mg, first it made me sleepy, then at night i couldn't sleep, then the headache, fast heart beat, dizziness, weakness that can be felt in my legs, sometimes when i am so sleepy and cant sleep, my body just jerk, scare me, another time i woke up up sweaty, my shirt was wet, now i feel like I'm sweating no sweating, now I'm burping, no vomiting, some constipation, but otherwise, i go to the bathroom every other day, diarrhea once, this whole thing has got me going crazy...i think i have anxiety, panic disorder, was given xanax, , but after reading about its side effects, I'm not taking it, i will only take the hydros, hope some one can find comfort in this, this is a big problem million women are facing...the doctors need to pay attention to us, when we complain about such pain, don't just think we are crazy, listen and have us all take the trans vaginal ultra sound!!
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I'm glad im not alone everything you said I went through. What was your outcome