Ovarian Cyst

hello all, back in sept / oct time i kept on bleeding...so went to the docs and she sent me for an ultra sound... that was nov 25th , there i was told i had a 4cm cyst on my left ovary. It causes me so much pain!!! anyway - so about a month later, i see an gyno - and they are telling me they would like to do key hole surgery - which im so worried about, my date is booked in for friday... (2nd march) ive never been in hospital, never been put under, im worried the cyst will be a lot larger now, will they take my ovary 2? i suffer alot with pain, and im so drained with it all... they have checked me for ovarian cancer a couple of months ago - which was all clear, could it become cancer in the 2 months after having that blood test? im so confused... any one want to share there story with me , or help me to find ease , that would be great :) thank you.
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1 Response Feb 27, 2012

Hope your surgery went well? I suffer from ovarian cysts! I am very young and have has 2 operations in 4 months so I know how you feel.Again I am in pain.My mum has been reading alot about taking vitamin B6 to help slow the growth of cysts and camamile tea.