Has It Ruptured???????????? Parinoid W/ No Health Insurance......

Hi I am a 27 yr old female - I developed an ovarian cyst back in June of 2011 - It was diagnosed in Sept of 2011 - at that time it was a golf ball sized complex ovarian cyst, they told me to wait six weeks and get it checked out again. I have no health insurance so I have not had it checked since the ER visit. Ever since I have had the cyst my periods have almost been not existent very very light flow. Like one reg tampoon a day flow. Before the cyst I had short medium flow periods lasted a few days. Never real heavy. The last time I have bleed heavy or passed clots was two years ago when I had my son. Well about four days ago, I did have a very quick sharp pain, didnt phase me much it didnt still around - just real sudden and gone. The next day I started bleeding heavily - Like full saturation of very heavy flow long pads, like two a day I guess - and I was passing a clot here or there some small and some quite large - so my question is what do u think is going on? did it burst? I dont understand why I bleed like that if something isnt going on w the cyst its not bothering me now but my abdomen is still swollen, but I dont really notice it there anymore. It was feeling very heavy and bothered me on a daily basis, im still bleeding but not as heavily very lite flow. Could you please share w/ me your thoughts bc i have no health insurance and im not sure what to do at this point.
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I am not sure if it burst or what,but also when I am on my menstrual cycle I have big cloths and also alot of blood.Very recently I stopped getting my period,I am also in lots of pain.I was told in six weeks to go back to see my doctor,I am in loads of pain

I also had one and ended up in the ER and they gave me some good medication and sent me home! I had pains and bleeding everyday for the next 5 days. In the middle of the night, it hit hard the pain was so unbearable. I felt like something was crawling out of me. I set on the toilet and cried in pain. Then I felt it. The pressure went down and I was feeling somewhat better but still hurt. My belly was swollen like i was 5 months pregnant. After a couple of days I started walking normal again, not like looking at the floor! I felt better. Went back to work. If you are uncomforting about what you are feeling maybe you can go to a free clinic in your area? If you have one. Let them know what has been going on. Good luck to you my friend!

no free clinics that can do an ultra sound - but im not having pain - I had a sharp knife stabbing pain bout 4 days ago but it was real quick - and then it was just kinda achy - but i was alrdy use to pain like that - ive been living w/ it for almost a year now - plus i have a high pain tolerance anyways, point is after that nite i started bleeding heavy for a few days now im still spotting but its almost stopped completly and i havent had pain, heaviness or nothing - im pretty sure its gone - guess if the pain comes back ill go see someone and once i pass boards and get my job ill def go get a check up - thanxs for sharing ur story and glad ur doing better.

Thank you but Im not experiencing any pain and the bleeding has subsided to very minimal - so I hate to go to ER w/ no S/S and them just send me away again = they should of taken care of it back in sept. ya know - kinda dishearting,they knew i didnt have insurance they knew i couldnt get it checked out ya know uh so frustrating - cant wait to pass my nursing boards and this wouldnt be an issue id just go to the doc ya know.

You need to go to emergency and let them see you and worry about paying for it later.Don't waste any time playing w/your health.

thanxs but if im not having pain im not going to er they will just send me away - w/ a bandaid like last time. thanxs for ur concern and thanxs for the advice.

Hi, i was just wondering what happened with your experience. I am in a similiar situation and wondering if my cyst ruptured. The only difference I am just having light spotting which is not normal for me.