Burst Ovarian Cyst!

4 weeks ago I was out at a horse show competing my horse. On the last day of the show I was up at the grounds around 5 am and had her braided up and ready to go. From walking from my horse trailer to get changed back to my horses stable I started to get really bad cramps and it was the last day of my period. I thought I was hungry so I went to eat.. 30 minutes later I was doubled over in agonizing pain crying my eyes out. When my coach arrived she thought it was gas pain as so did I so I took pepto bismol (I actually took the stuff we use for horses but its the same stuff!) and it didn't help but I was determined it was just a bad cramp and I was going to ride. I cudn't stand. I ended up scratching my tests and having to be taken to the hospital. The pain got worse and worse until I was screaming in agony they gave me the crappest drugs ever that took over an hour to kick in. I was exhausted and fell asleep in the hospital room with my poor boyfriend looking after me. Then when they gave me an ultrasound they said 'oh you had a burst ovarian cyst heres some pain killers....bye!' Today I started my period and was riding my horse and the pain reminded me of the pain I got when my burst cyst happened and I fought back tears because I am terrified this will happen again. Women who have had it before said its common it will happen again.
I just wanted to know if people had the same experience where it will happen again and again. I'm a really active person and so I don't want this to keep going on. I also wondered if anybody had any clue as why they burst. On the first day of the show (thursday) my horse went mental and had a bucking fit which jolted me around a lot. I didn't know if that maybe caused it.

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