The Triumphs Of An Ovarian Cyst And Drs That Just Brush It Aside!

I had an ovarian cyst that ruptured last November, it started out as a stomach pain and lasted for about a month off and on finally one night I was home and I felt a huge fever along with emassive stomach pain, so I called my primary dr, and she tested my urine and found blood in it so she sent me to the er thinking I had appendicitis, so I went to the er, and they did a cat scan, and blood tests, I also had issues with high blood pressure then all the sudden it would drop, so the dr came back and told me my small intestine was inflamed. So finally after my fever went up the blood tests came back and it said I had an infection in my blood called sepsis so I was hooked up to Ivs never knowing what caused it, I slowly got feeling better after 2 weeks when finally I started getting back to a normal routine, till last July when I started feeling severe stomach pain again, so I went to the Er again although I didnt have the high blood pressure or fever, they did a cat scan and all the blood tests again and found out I have a small ovarian cyst on my right ovary, so I was told it would go away in a few days and if it didnt to follow up with my primary dr, so after 3 days of consisting pain I decided to have her look into it and she set me up for an ultra sound, but unfortunately my insurance doesnt cover it and working in childcare I cant afford it so after a month later Im still dealing with the excruciating pain and this week its starting to get bad again I have been feeling nauseau for 4 days straight so Im uncertain if its getting larger or if its another one thats starting to form!
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dati rin akong may ovarian cyst. but now nawala na yun without operation because of lifestyles product. if you want to know about the products, just call/text me 09168860707..


i would say you really need to go have it checked out. within 2 weeks my cyst doubled in size and wraped itself tightly around my ovary. they can cause serious damage if not taken care of properly.