Whats Been Going On..

So as some of you know I had an opperation a while back to get cysts removed.. Well a couple of weeks ago the pains started coming back and I mean they where far worse than before I litteraly couldnt move.. One tues evening I was home from work an had went into the bathroom cause I was about to get a shower.. When I too a sever pain in my stomach I thought maybe its after pain or something from the surgery so I took a few pain killers and got on with it.. I noticed a lump on my right side just above my pelvic bone.. So I decided to go to the local gp about it.. He set me up for an ultra sound ... So on the friday I had went to the hospital to get my scan.. If they had seen nothing on the scan they where for pircing a small camra through my tummy to have look.. But anywho I had went in to get my ultra sound and the nurse put on the most irritating c.d I had ever heard in my life!! Lol.. So yeah she checked my stomach everything was sweet.. My liver and kidneys all where good.. She progressed down to my abdomin and she had went to my left side first she said jade you have a couple of small cysts here pet .. Looks like your going in for surgery again.. She moved over to my right side and said now thats a big one.. It was 11 by 11 centimetres .. So afterwards I jumped up.. she had rang my gp and said that its urgent I see the gynecologist.. So on the monday moring I had to go back to the I was sitting in the waiting room when my phone started ringing.. I picked up and it was the doctor .. She says jade you had a wee scan on friday.. I was like yeeesss.. She then began to say "can you come to the surgery asap".. I replied I am in the surgery.. Haha.. She was like oh.. Come down to the room then.. So as I walked in.. The doctor was sittinv with another woman and they had my whole medical history paned out on one table.. I sat down abd loojed at them.. They had heads in them like bulldogs chowin a wasp!! they said pop up on the bed there .. And they started poking round my tummy.. And they started discussing about this lump.. I was like so whats the plan here.. Sugery again???.. They both looked at eachother abd then looked at me.. My doctor says jade you have 5 cysts here showing me the copy of the scan.. You also have a large lump here.. I replied saying yeah its a big one.. The doctor took a deap breath and said jade its a tumour and from the test we have ran . Its cancerous.. Well my mouth near hit the floor.. The tears started flowing and I became speachless.. My anxiety had gone through the roof.. they calmed me down.. And had a chat with me.. And I left the surgery.. I went home with sooo many thoughts runnibg through my head.. It was my mums birthday so I turned and when pack up the street to lift her present .. I went home sent mummy and daddy of for a meal and my sisters went to my aunts.. I went to bed and cried for ages.. My signal was sooo **** on my phone all day but as soon as I got in my room all my whats pp messages came through.. Honest ta god if it wasnt for howie my wee woman I dont know what I would do.. Shes just sooi different.. And she has helped me through all of this.. Shes a nurse and sees stuff like this everyday and yet she still helps me everyday.. I love opening my eyes in the morning to her and closing them to her cause she keeps me at ease..anyways tues came and I knew I had to tell my mummy and daddy.. Granny is staying at mine too.. So I tolf them at they went baserk im not going into detail but it was very emotional.. I had work on tuesday night.. And a girl im very close to in there .. We wnt out to have a smoke.. And I told her the tears streamed down her fave then I began to cry because our relationship is so strong.. So we went back into work and done what we had to then in the middle of work she says lk ets do something toniggt sweetest thing ever she took me to get ice-cream and we went to the mn arina and sat for a while having a laugh she really cheered me up aswell.. wed came.. Which was yesterday.. And I got a phone call from my gynecologist saying I have to go to whie abby hospital on monday for another appointment.. White abby is sooo far away!! Lol.. Vut em yeah in total I have obly told my nearest and dearest about the cancer.. Im meeting my best friend tomorrow for lunch to tell her and I want no one else to know I dont want to be treated any different.. On monday im getting an internal and then hopefully surgery.. Im sorry I havent been on much its because oof this.. But thnkyou howiee baby nd sue for being there for me through all this.. I would be in a far worse state.. Sue is the one that works with me btw lol.. But NOTHING is guna get me down.. Im guna get better.. Im sorry if this is really sorry if this is really long..
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Im sorry you have gone through so much. I have a question did you get your ovaries removed?

dati rin akong may ovarian cyst. but now nawala na yun without operation because of lifestyles product. if you want to know about the products, just call/text me 09168860707..


So sorry sweety, praying for fast and healthy recovery.

So sorry sweety, praying for fast and healthy recovery.

I'm sooo sorry you're going through this :( I hope things end up being better for you than they are now, and that they can remove it. Said it before and I'll say it now, always here for you!!! I hope that you'll be okay, let me know if you need me!! For reals, I know i can't be there and help you physically, but I'm there otherwise on here :-)

I feel very sorry to hear that. Plz don't get worried. tell ur family they will strengthen u. I will pray to God for u. Inshallah I hope u will get well soon. I pray to God u will recover again and we can chat again.

Were they able to tell you what stage it is? Abby is a very good clinic and there are very good people there.

pweddy pweddy pweddy please get well soon!!! kinda in tears here at work and i dont care who sees me. Keeping you in my prayers. love you loads buddy


get better

u will be ok darling....dotn worry to much ....my prayers with u..God Bless..Take Care...Keep in touch soon yeah... Luv always

i'm so sorry to hear this. i hope and pray that your surgery will be successful and all will turn out well for you ((((hugs))))

glad to hear that you're back home :)

Babe be more stronger and pray .. god will help u and while ur in the stage of getting better i'll pray for u like what i did for christine to get better love u and please be ok im here even im far away but email me if u need someone to talk ok...GOD BLESS U my dear friend..

thanks ^^ okay that not way too long cause i know you'll be okay very very soon . i'll pray for that babe, love yah ^^

Im sorry. I hope you are ok. Puts all my problems in perspective. I'll keep you in my prayers honey xxx

Praying for you

My thougts and prayers are with you. Hugs