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It all started about 3 years ago, I've always had painful periods. Even as a teen aver they we're to painful to control every month id leave school early because I couldn't stand the pain which left me curled in a ball crying my mom would get so mad at me their just cramps but I knew it was something more, I was diagnosed at 24 with Endometrosis stage 3 and the ovarian cyst followed shortly after, This is a vicious cycle my body just can't take it anymore
My last ultrasound showed 8 cyst 1 ruptured a few days ago...
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dati rin akong may ovarian cyst. but now nawala na yun because of lifestyles product. if you want to know about the products, just call/text me 09168860707..


I have pain in my right side alot, more so when my period comes, I did not think it to be normal so I asked my doctor for an ultrasound, the woman who did my ultrasound said she could see a golf ball sized dark spot on my right ovary but told me i am too young to worry, i am 21 years old , my doctor says it is not big enough to remove it, but it hurts. Should I seek other doctors ? Or do the cysts have to be a certain size before they will do anything about it? .... Also , I have read that juicing a whole lemon every day will naturally break apart cysts, if you would like to try. Thank you blueeyed butterfly, take care and my positive thoughts are with you. from one butterfly to another, i am here for you <3

Yes seek other doctors. Perhaps someone else can help you. I have one that is a lot bigger than yours and I ended up in the emergency because of it, and I was given really good advice there. "Do not think that you have to put up with pain longer than you should have to." I think this should apply to you as well. If someone else is willing to remove it, then you should try. They wanted me to try and get surgery earlier, which I tried but I couldn't so I just went on short term disability from work and I am on bed rest until surgery. I have my surgery April 5th. Either yours is going to burst and you are going to be in horrible pain, or else it's going to keep getting bigger and you will be in the same situation that I am.

After dealing with this damn thing, I don't want anyone else to go through it. It sucks. I don't wish it on my worst enemy.

And I don't care how young you are, I think that's bad advice right there. I've been reading up on this thing a lot (reason why I am on this forum in the first place, I've been spending a lot of time reading about ovary cysts and I am reading the stories in this section) I've read cases of girls a lot younger having bigger ones. Age has nothing to do with it.