10cm Dermoid Cyst, A Bit Worried!

Hi everyone, I'm very new to all this but figured it was the best place to come for support and advice. I'm a 30yr old mum of 3 and I just discovered I have a 10x9.5cm dermoid on my right ovary.
Firstly, the radiology report was very positive and thought the was nothing sinister going on with the cyst. It stated a 10cm cyst with lots of septations and consisting of fat, fluid and calcification. My gp, who I should mention is amazing, is very highly qulified and understands pathology of cysts has said its not sinister and isn't concerned and so hasn't ordered a CA 125 and has refered my to GYN. I'm still very concerned though. My youngest child is 20wks and I had regular scans (for another reason) through my period and this cyst was never spotted and I also had a scan at 10wks poat natal as my gp said my uterus was bulky and it still wasn't detected. So has my cyst grow very quickly or could it just of been missed? Also if its grown so quick could it be more serious? I read that dermoids over 10cm are more likely to be malignant!!
Finally what symptoms do you all get? I'm thinking I may of had the cyst a while, just a lot smaller as for the last 4yrs I've had extremely painful ovulation and periods and lower back ache but since having my baby the symptoms have gotten worse. I have pressure in my pelvis, feel really bloated, pain in my blaaed and up by my navel if my bladder gets too full, pain in my hip and my hair is thining :-(
Will they remove it and how? Any advice will be hugely appreciated :-) xx
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Don't worry! I had a Dermoid cyst with cancer cells inside removed last year together with one of my ovaries and fallopian tubes. It was as big as a grapefruit! I am 48 and the surgeons frightened me to death - Literally. Anyone would have thought I was riddled with cancer the way I was told!! They wanted me to have further surgery which included a full hysterectomy and abdominal surgery. I came home in a terrible state. I was told this was to be done for precaution only! A few days went past and I managed to ground and centre myself. I had decided NOT TO go ahead with more radical surgery! I got a grip and researched on cancer, diet, cysts etc. The hospital in all fairness have been keeping on eye on me. I have had numerous blood tests, some that have been slightly high in protien markers etc but then next blood taken would be normal. Then 6 months down the line, I go in for rountine scans and am found to have another cyst! However, not a dermoid, but a fluid filled one measuring 10cm. I come out from hospital devasted! A few days later I pick myself back up and decide the cyst has got to go naturally. I didn't want to fight this but work with it, so I told the cyst I loved it but it had to go! So for all you girls out there that suffer with cysts, diet, gentle exercise and pampering yourself is the answer! I recommend you getting a Juicer. It doesn't have to be expensive. Look up Jason Vale for juicing ideas. Its also a great way to lose those extra pounds and stop you craving sweets! I also drink Organic Cider Vinegar every morning. Just an inch of vinegar in a pint glass topped up with cool or warm boiled water before you drink or eat anything. It tastes quite applely. It's flippin amazing and is not just good for cysts! Look it up! If you really can't do this first thing, drink a pint of lemon juice and keep the skin of the lemon and grate on your food. This is the best part of a lemon! Also get yourself making a smoothy for breakfast and add to it a teaspoonful of Raw Organic Coconut oil. Take Hemp Oil and vitamin C & E. I even put half a teaspoon of spirilina in my smoothies. You can get this from most health shops. Eat as much fresh fruit and veg and drink as much pure water as you can. Also drink Cammolie tea a couple of times. It's fantastic for cysts and a warm water bottle on your pelvic area also works a treat! Also try and give yourself some quiet time to visualise the cyst gone. Be positive! GUESS WHAT I HAVE AMAZED THE HOSPITAL - BEEN FOR A SCAN 3 MONTHS LATER AND CYST HAS GONE!!!! Surgery isn't always the answer! Never be afraid of saying no and do your research! Give yourself time to think before diving in the deep end! Love you all xxx

I am 23 and never had a pap before having my first baby (who is 1.5) and so I have no ide amy history. All I know is thatbI had a very very large one rupture in beginning of Dec and ever since I have been learning more about. I get really bad lower back aches, headaches, sharp pain in my ovaries, and that is all that makes sense with all this. Although I have been very fatigued lately. I think I have 2 right now since I just ovulated. It is wearing me out.

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I had had a huge ovarian cyst on my right ovary. It took them so long to find it. They kept doing tests over & over & over & did not find anything. Finally they found the cyst! I was in sooooo much pain!!! & the pain became worse & worse & then more & more intense. I would lay in by bed curled up hysterically crying & screaming! I kept going back & forth to the emergency room. They would not do anything! There were 2 different nights when the pain was the worst!!! I thought i was gomna die! I literally felt like my spirit was trying to leave my body! I kept crying & begging G-d to let me live for the sake of my baby! I went back to the emergency room again! They kept trying to send me home. I refused to let them discharge me! Then i told them if they discharge me, I will call an amnulance again when I get home! I refused to sign discharge papers. Fimally