Ovarian Cyst the Worry

Recently I started to feel a sharp kind of numb pain on my right side. I tried to ignore it and took paracetamol and ibrupofen and no joy. Most pains I feel never last that long and normal drugs always do the trick, so obviously I became frantic with worry. I am an excessive worrier, but I generally only go to the doctors when something is wrong.  In any case I moved and my old doctors never had an appointment for 2 weeks so I decided to go A & E. First they thought it was my appendix and then after a whole weekend of being drugged I was given an ultra sound and they said I had a fibroid and ovarian cyst measuring just over 5cm. I have never got pregnant despite trying and so I am more worried that I will never have children because there were also tiny cysts on my left ovary. The gyno at the hospital was not that helpful and only got me more worried when he said he was going to do C125 tumour tests and other tests for cancer.  After research I have seen this test is now done to see if any markers show for cancer. Everyone has said to me that if there were any signs to worry about the doctor would have not released me, but again I feel constantly worried that this thing is inside me just growing.  The test came back in two days for the cancer markers, which were all clear, but then I read on the internet that this still does not rule out ovarian cancer, it is just one of the checks they do and they can never be sure until they remove or biopsy the cyst.  I do understand that cysts are common and can grow and become really large, but here in the uk on the NHS so far the worry has been caused by not getting answers to a lot of my questions. Like other stories I have read it just makes you feel like telling the doctors to remove everything and get it over and done with. I am anticipating when I have to go back to the hospital in 6 weeks, but it gets to the point where I find difficulty sleeping and having a normal life because I am so worried. I read my bible and talk to God, but I just think for any woman going through this is just awful.  I am 31 soon to be 32 and I just am tired of talking to my friends and family about it, who just tell me not to worry.

For all other women going through this, I know what you are feeling and I do think it is hard for others to understand.  Its almost like you having a 9" nail sticking out of your head and the doctors saying "we will keep an eye on it, but don't worry."  I know that a lot of cysts go away by themselves and others have to be removed via various operations depending on the size of the cyst, its placement and various other factors, but I just find the NHS at the moment unhelpfull.  I have already had to go and have my smear done privately, but sometimes if you do not push for things they just will not listen.  My whole experience just worries me more.  For instance, when I was in the hospital I was not far from being operated on because they were sure it was my appendix, so bravo if it was my appendix, but this whole guesstimation thing as I call it only worries patients more.

I am sitting here now crying because I just want this whole few months to go away.

On the upside I am not feeling pain anymore, just a few tinges here and there, but none the less I will not know what the scenario will be until I go for my 6 week appointment. My boyfriend can see something is wrong, he knows about everything, but again does not really understand what I am going through, but I am trying my best to do normal day to day things, but I keep getting terrible dreams and am just scared. It doesn't help that I have never stayed in a hospital before, never had any major illness or operations, just normal colds and flus or depression, but nothing like this and this whole thing has just made me realise I have to change my life, so maybe this was all a wake up call from god to say start living your life!!  Who knows, but feel free to comment if you are or have gone through anything like this. 

Stay positive, even if I cannot right now.

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I am 34 years old and back in September while I was at work I was doubled over in pain, I got extremely sick to my stomach and vomited several times. After a couple of hours I was able to leave work and just thought that it was nothing. A couple of days later I went to the bathroom and what I thought was the start of my period came out brown like Motor oil. I never had an actual flow of blood. I thought that it was just an off month and blew it off. As the days went on I had extreme lower back pain that also caused a shooting pain down the right side of my thigh - I thought that I must have pinched a nerve on my back so once again I just took it easy and went through each day the best way I knew how. October came and my period never did. My back was still killing me and I was having trouble finding a way to get comfortable. I finally called my OB and scheduled an appointment. He thought that at first that maybe I was just having a few off months with my cycle until he did a pelvic exam and when he saw how much pain I was in he scheduled an Ultrasound for Thursday. They found that I had a what they call "chocolate Cyst" on my left ovary and one must have erupted which was also the reason why I am having so much pain. I read how the blood that is released from these cysts can cause adhesion and other problems that now I am worried and am waiting to hear from my doctor on what is he going to want to do to first clear up the blood that is floating my my cavity and causing me pain and second what is he going to do about the 4.5cm cyst that is still there. I am in a lot of pain and just want to get back to my old self. I am tired ALL the time and fell that I want to do nothing but lay down which is the only way that I can get a bit of relief. Not only does my back hurt but I am also get pelvic pains with cramps. I have not had my period since August and just do not feel right. I honestly want him to go in there to clean it up, remove the cyst so I can get my period again and live my normal life. <br />
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If anyone out there has had a "chocolate cyst" rupture or has had one even if it did not rupture what was your treatment ? did the pain go away and did another ever come back?

I totally get it. Even though you are surrounded by comforting, supportive friends & family, you still feel alone especially when none of them have gone through what you're going through.<br />
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I was just told by doctors last week that there are 2 ovarian cysts in my right ovary; each slightly smaller than a golf ball. <br />
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This is second time I'm having them removed surgically. I'm 28, not married, without kids.