"i Have What??????? If I Have An Ovary...i Own This Hospital!!!!!"

These are the words I said after being in a car wreck at the hospital, when the radiologist said he saw 2 large cysts on my left ovary, 5 weeks post-op.

I was in disbelief, and when I went to the OBGYN to get an ultra sound, the tech, said.."Yep..There it is! I said "Theres WHAT??"

She said OVS very rare and that I would have to have surgery again. Needless to say, I did NOT want to go thru another cut open surgery again..I shouldn't have to be even worrying about an ovary, as I had a RADICAL Hysto that included tubes, cervix, both ovaries, uterus, and the kitchen sink!

I have pain,bloating,and I cant take estrogen, because my "HOLY OVARY" (as I like to refer to it.) Is producing its own...Just enough to give me hot flashes every five minutes, and cramping every month!!!!!!

Glad I found this site...No one else gets it, and My Doctor, doesn't even want to discuss it with me..(it makes him nervous..wonder why?)

Any comments or advise, as what Im supposed to do, would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you I've had months where I've wondered if I'm crazy I'm sire you can imagine the relief to know I'm not crazy or alone. I hope things are better too emotional to post more now

I need to comment on this as I have had 2 ORS removal surgeries. I will tell you, DO NOT have a laparotomy surgical procedure to remove the cysts. You must have it removed laproscopically.<br />
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When you are opened up and they retract your skin back to open you up to make room for them to do surgery, there is a chance that some of the ovarian cells can be retracted! that is what happened to me. Imagine 2 weeks after surgery feeling like, it is still there! I went to the top Dr. in the country who has 2 brothers who do the same surgery, that they invented across the United States. The are Dr. Nezhat. They are miracle makers!!! I will tell you that I still have chronic pelvic pain because of adhesions. That is an individual thing, some people have them worse then others.<br />
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There are many of us out there who have gone through what you are expeirencing now. The best of luck to all of you

I am right there with you. Totally confused and wondering what is next. I just found out last week and am waiting on test results. I wish you the best and will keep you posted as I find out more :)