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I was diagnosed with ovarian torsion when I was 8 years old. Since I was so young I can't remember every detail but here's what I can figure out. I was getting ready for school when all of a sudden my abdomen and my back started hurting me. It hurt so bad that I could barely get down the stairs. I was crying and hanging on the railing calling for my mom to help me. I thought I just needed some aspirin or something but when I told my mom where it hurt she immediately thought my appendix had burst.

I can't really remember going to the hospital, all I remember is that there was a man asking me if I had any allergies and I told him I was allergic to coconut lotion and he sorta just laughed at me. The pain went away once I got into my room but looking back they must have given me a shot of something to make it hurt less. They whirled me through about a million tests and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me! Once they ruled out my appendix for the millionth time my mom asked them to take a look at my ovaries. My moms side of the family has had a history of ovarian cysts so she thought that maybe it was something like that even though I was really young. They did another ultrasound and discovered that both my ovaries were in fact twisted.

They took me into surgery and I remember seeing my mom crying and my dad dressed in a surgical gown holding my hand. My anesthesiologist had a bunch of tattoos on his arms and I asked him how many tattoos he had and he asked me to count them. I got up to three and I passed out lol.

I woke up to see about six old Italian ladies praying over me and the first thing I thought of was that I must be dead! after that I don't really remember much. I know my doctor came in and tried to explain to me what had just happened. I didn't know what an ovary was or anything else he was talking about. He told me that one of my ovaries twisted up and died and now I only have one. He also told me that while he was sowing my remaining ovary in place he noticed that I had a double hernia in my abdomen and he had to fix that up as well. All I really understood was that I had a long scar on my lower belly and it hurt to walk.

Looking back I wish I had asked more questions. I am 20 years old, thinking about my future, and i have so many questions! will i be able to get pregnant? is it possible that the eggs in my remaining ovary are damaged from the blood loss? if i do get pregnant will i have to get a c-section ? will i run the risk of having another ovarian torsion after pregnancy? its a lot to think about and nobody seems to have any answers...
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I think I would have been scared ****less.