Overactive Thyroid

Found out today that i have an overactive thyroid, i dont know how to take the news :/ is there anyone out there that can make my mind clearer?
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2 Responses Nov 7, 2012

I also found out I have an overactive thyroid and my doctor friend suggested Paleo, it's scary to take on with so many limitations and I'm not a big meat eater but there is a lot of literature out there to ease you if you type "paleo and overactive thyroid" and "thyroid and diet"---def try to control it with diet first.

You may want to quit ingesting wheat of any kind, maybe even quit all grains. Google Paleo Diet or Caveman Diet. Also Wheatbelly. Cheers

Thanx for your reply, i will surely do that,I have been changing my diet for a month now trying to watch alot of things i eat, i find bread bloats me so i have to give bread away!