Multitasker Gone Mad

I keep super busy and I know why... if I stay busy the chances that I'll fall are slim and thinking is usually the culprit. If I'm crazy busy I can't slow down long enough for that darn depression to catch up. Problem is that I've completely overbooked the rest of my life and wondering how I'm going to make it through. Currently my three children are involved in several activities, two of which I'm on the board of. I've also just been asked to joint the cities housing committee's scholarship team. PTA, class mom, team mom, writer for our companies national news, community relations team and volunteer of at least 7 organizations that I can think of off the bat. I work full-time and in order to complete one of my 'life list' items I've just re-enrolled full-time in school. Only 7 classes until my degree and I owe it to ME! So as you can see life is on the fast track but I do love the excitement. Not complaining just wondering if I'm ever going to slow down without worry of consequences. I always feel I have something to prove and being super mom is part of it. Funny part is with all of this going on I still need sleepers to get down at night. What a world!
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