My Husband

 he tried to kill me ... not physically but mentally he used to play so many mind games with me .. he broke me down ... and i will never let anyone do that to me again ...    i remember laying in bed crying because i was in labor and he wouldnt get up and take me to the hospital  his mother came and picked me up at 3 am to drive me to the hospital an hour away .. i should have left then .... i was so stupid ..  but i finally wised up .. and im out of it now ..
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3 Responses Jun 4, 2007

lived through abusive marriage heart is with you

You know, I'm so inspired by your story. That's amazing. It's so hard sometimes to figure out how to get out even after you've made your decision to get there but you managed and seem to be doing great! Thanks for that!

CONGRATS and a HUG. Thank God you saw the light, after working in a shelter for abused women and children for 5 years i can tell you that STATISTICALLY you have beat the ODDS .... BIG TIME. I hope you are incredibly proud of yourself, I AM!!

I know it's an old post but well said!