Mommy Dearest

I started out not wanted by my mom.  When she got pregnent with me she didn't tell my dad. One her way out the door to aport me my dad asked if she was pregnent and told her she would have to keep me. Part of me is convinced in that moment my mother starting hating me because that was all the prof needed that my dad did and will always love me more then her. Once I was born my mom baild. I don't remeber her before this crazy weekend when I was 6 years old. Which would set the mood of the next 7 years of my relationship and visitation with her.


I spent my first night with her and I had a migrane so she gave me something for it. Later to find out it was X. I wish that could be the moment that her actions fall short with me. She proceed to bring strange men around me I didn't know to touch me and have sex with me.


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Stay strong!

Sorry some of my family hates me so I know what it's like plus 85% of other people dislike me so I'm pretty much hated all the way around
I'm really sorry that happened...

It's good that you don't allow your mom's irresponsibility to hold you back emotionally. That takes a lot of inner strength. Is Your Dad still there for you and a big part of your life?

You must be a strong person to have overcome this.