My Homeless Experience!

I was homeless twice in my life. The first time I was just 18 when my "adopted parents" kicked me out when I found out they were not my real parents. I guess they hated me finding out. I was homeless for the first time for 6 years untill finally my "adopted dad" allowed me back in with him. He wasn't with my "adopted mom" then. I stayed 10 years with him and he got really sick with heart issues and died. So, I became homeless again for the second time. This time I stayed out in the streets for 4 more years. Both experiences were different I must say. I think the second time was a lot worse for me. I thought this time I will never have another home. I thought I would die homeless. Then one day while I was panhandling, a nice Christian man came and prayed with me, and gave me $40 dollars. He talked to me almost everyday and then asked me to come to his house that I can sleep there and take showers. I had a hard time accepting this offer at first, but I did one day. I didn't want to be out there no more. I stayed at this mans house for 7 months untill I got the help I needed to be able to live on my own. We still talk even today. If it wasn't for this Christian helping me out and letting me stay with him, platonic of course, nothing happened ever. Anyway, I don't know, I might be dead by now or in jail or who knows! I thank God for this man!
MooMooCathy MooMooCathy
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1 Response May 6, 2012

Your experience is not uncommon. However it is usually foster parents that do the kicking out. They do that because they no longer get money for you.