Wisdom Of The Soul!

Looking back it seemed d for awhile that my addiction to drugs and ALCOHOL, were so much more than me . Its like i wanted drugs more than any thing in life.  The truth of the mater was that i was so much out of sorts and not in touch with whom i wanted to be. It was like the more i tried the harder it got.When i was done i was done , and maybe all i wanted was to feel love. Most important was i did not know how to love me. One thing for sure if you follow your heart and listen to that inner voice no addiction is to strong for we are so much more than  all that we think! Maybe all we need was someone to remind us to dream THE DREAM AND REMEMBER THAT WHEN DREAMING STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART ALL DREAMS COME INTO BEING. KEEP ON DREAMING AND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS.

jhonspl jhonspl
51-55, M
Mar 5, 2010