Overdosed When I Was A Toddler

When I was still a toddler I found some very delicious strawberry flavored sweets, ofc when I was that old I knew better than to ask and I took them somewhere to eat. Turns out when my mum caught me I was actually eating strawberry flavored laxatives and my mum rushed me off to hospital where I had to drink charcoal (yuk).
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

Wow you would have pooped for days. They would have had to attach the toliet to your butt he he.

However, to be fair I did something similar when I was a kid. However, I forgot what it was exactly I ate, and since I ate paper when I was a kid it could have been anything he he.

LOL, and then she make those chocolate cornflakes in the toliet he he.

Well, LOL, I guess the women's restroom had a line going a mile long that day he he.