Od'ed,? Oh Yeah

OD'ed, Yup, I sure have. Lets just say it's a good thing pussycats have 9 lives or I would never have made it to 50 LOL

I was a self destructive teen and got myself addicted to heroin when I was around 15 years old. For awhile I abused every drug I could get my hands on, and od'ed more than a few times as a result.I used heroin for almost 20 years, so of course there were plenty of the usual junkie od's over the years... I did too much, or it was a strong batch or it was too much on top of the other drugs I had in my system. If it were not for the emergency paramedics I could have nodded off to never, never land so many times during that part of my life. Just another dead junkie in a city full of them. No big deal.

I am fortunate enough to live in a place where the emergency paramedics carry narcan, a specific antidote to opiate overdose. One shot of that stuff will bring you back from the brink of death.I have no idea how many times I came to in an ambulance, gasping oxygen, with them pumping narcan into me. It's short acting though, so they need to keep administering it until the effects of the other narcotic wear off or you will stop breathing again. Eventually the opiate receptors in the brain become saturated with narcan. It blocks any opiates from plugging into the receptors so they start screaming and cold turkey withdrawl begins.
Almost bad enough to make you wish you really had od'ed.


In my younger days there were several melodramatic suicide attempts, but most of the times that I od'ed, it was accidental. Once, when I was in my early 20's I accidentally od'ed on barbituates. I was prescribed a bottle of 40 seconal and decided to eat 4 to get high instead of just 1 to sleep -damn addictive personality I abused every drug I got my hands on in those days.
Anyway,  I guess the seconal shut down the thinking part of my brain. I lost track of how many I had taken and continued taking more, unaware that I had already consumed too many. A friend dropped by unexpectedly and found me passed out almost dead. An ambulance was called and they were able to keep me going until my stomach was pumped and the drugs had time to clear out of my system. I awoke in emergency the next afternoon, feeling like I had been hit by a freight train. I had one nasty hangover from that episode.

I had taken 20 of the stupid things, the paramedics pried the bottle from my hand and half the prescription was gone! I had only intended to take 4 and have no memory of swallowing  another 16 capsules over the next 60 minutes. That was very scary to me, I never took barbituates again after that. I learned a real healthy respect for them, unlike the heroin, which I just kept going back to no matter how many times I od'ed on it.

It took until I was almost 35 to kick that nasty habit.I really am lucky that I didn't manage kill myself with it before I finally managed to get off it. Now I am very careful about the drugs I use, prescription especially. I know the potential for abuse is in me so I try to avoid them whenever possible. I consume a lot of cannabis these days, it helps keep me off the street drugs-sort of an exit ramp drug-  and I have learned to just say no to most of my doctor's prescriptions. It's safer that way.
No one has ever od'ed on cannabis, at worse, you fall asleep and wake up hungry LOL

This is already too long, perhaps I will write other od stories another time.


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Yes, I'm, also glad we are no longer wearing our dope fiend hats cntryloner LOL<br />
Things are much better these days.<br />
<br />
Quualudes are like barbituates... very nasty drugs. You were lucky to survive overdosing on them. I still cringe when I think of waking up with that charcoal taste in my mouth. The thought is enough to make me gag.

I am so glad that you were able to pull yourself from the brink! I also tried it when I was much younger with 714 qualudes. Stomach pumped and charcoal inserted EEEEEEW. Can still taste that. I never thought I would see 35 let alone about to turn 50. LOL, yeah overdosing on marijuana would be eating until you blimp out and fall asleep. But luckily "we" now wear the same hats lol.