Was Paid But Not Sure It Was Sex (oh Bill?)

When I worked as a masseur I would frequently have certain women who would get all worked up and I would take them over the top.

This is known as 'full tension release'. Most of my clients were well to do housewives who were not getting enough.

I did notice when I told one woman who asked me if their was a technical name for 'that special part of the massage' and I said 'full tension release,' that many of my new clients and a few of her friends started shyly asking for 'full tension release'.

If you rub towards the heart you stimulate;
so head to pelvis, and shoulders to finger tips, butt to feet will relax

base of spine to head, fingers to shoulders and feet to butt will excite and stimulate the body.

Of course if you are working UP a leg it is very easy to 'bump' with your little fingers. and women then signal they would like more of that by raising their butts a bit and opening their legs wider. More than a few will moan rather quickly, bite their lips and whimper.

Now I am a dominant man and I do tie women up and whip them, but that is just me being exceedingly nice and accomodating to masochists.

So when I see a fanny in the air and hear little noises like mewing kittens, I know someones kitty needs a bit of attention.

I do not really consider it sex unless I end up doing a 'cervical massage using special probe'. LOL

You would be surprised how many of these massages I gave where the husband paid extra because he'd heard of the 'special probe service'. I mean the husbands always paid, if we want to be technical about it, but I am saying husbands came directly to me and would buy a 'course of massages' like at 10 or 20 book and after paying the fee would start peeling off bills and say, I'd heard you do 'extra'.

In all the time, I cannot remember a single husband ever saying it directly. Though a few asked if I wore anything, to which I always replied No. And they sucked their breath in and nodded.

Would love to know the incidents of oral sex in those houses those nights. lol
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What I wouldn't give for you to be my masseuse! I get massages regularly but none have ever even hinted at being willing to do "full release." :-(