Commercial Closeness

I originally joined EP because of the sexless marriage experience group. 

By 2001, I had been totally sexless for twelve years. I think that that was the turning point...I finally understood that there was NEVER going to be a I made a choice, which I DO NOT regret. I enjoyed the company of escorts 3 times, once in 2001, twice in 2002, and I suddenly had the chance to do all of the things I had been missing (or so I thought)

Lovely ladies inviting me to undress them and enjoy their bodies pretty much as I liked. In fact, you could do almost anything, but kiss.

Sex without feeling is just more involved, more expensive ************.

I enjoyed my time with these two ladies very much (The first and third time were the same girl) but was left feeling more focused on what I was missing than ever.

After the last time, I took a poll. My eyes, mouth, fingers and penis voted yes, my heart voted no, so the no's won, and I haven't done it again.

I won't say I will not have a sexual relationship with someone in the future, but it will be the full package. Her heart and mind will be there too, and she will be looking at me and not the clock.


wishformore wishformore
56-60, M
Mar 7, 2009