Commercial Closeness

I originally joined EP because of the sexless marriage experience group. 

By 2001, I had been totally sexless for twelve years. I think that that was the turning point...I finally understood that there was NEVER going to be a I made a choice, which I DO NOT regret. I enjoyed the company of escorts 3 times, once in 2001, twice in 2002, and I suddenly had the chance to do all of the things I had been missing (or so I thought)

Lovely ladies inviting me to undress them and enjoy their bodies pretty much as I liked. In fact, you could do almost anything, but kiss.

Sex without feeling is just more involved, more expensive ************.

I enjoyed my time with these two ladies very much (The first and third time were the same girl) but was left feeling more focused on what I was missing than ever.

After the last time, I took a poll. My eyes, mouth, fingers and penis voted yes, my heart voted no, so the no's won, and I haven't done it again.

I won't say I will not have a sexual relationship with someone in the future, but it will be the full package. Her heart and mind will be there too, and she will be looking at me and not the clock.


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Sea,<br />
Thank You...

I have concidered trying a commercial friendship myself but I never tried it. <br />
I would suppose you may be apprehensive to start a relationship because of the complications. I relate and hope you will find your way. If you cannot address what is going on at home then finding a lover may be the only way to fill your life. I was slow coming around to this thought but I cannot figure a way around it. <br />
<br />
I wish you the best....

As Miss Pixie said "you need to have an affair wishformore".<br />
Why have you not found yourself a lover, not just a woman who likes you but a woman you can connect with on the deep level you desire (and deserve)?

Wow... I can understand what you were feeling...<BR><BR>I actually knew a girl who was involved with commercial closeness and I heard it from her perspective. It opened my eyes... as a young girl, looking at these girls lives from the outside seemed a bit glamourous to me at first... they had a lot of money, new cars, beautiful clothes.<BR><BR>I was a gogo dancer for a short time when I was younger and a lot of the girls were not only dancers...<BR><BR>There was one of the girls who I actually admired for her discretion and class. She looked and acted as sweet as the girl next door and you'd never think that after closing time she went with men for money.<BR><BR>I'll never forget one evening she was just "beaming" and I said why are you so happy? She smiled a huge smile and said I'm going out on a date! A "real" date!! I guess a cute young guy had asked her out. She told me how excited she was that she was going out and she didn't have to "act" like she was having fun.<BR><BR>That hurt my heart for her...although she always smiled and carried it off quite well I could tell that she wasn't happy with what she was doing and longed for more. I think it's two way street with commercial closeness. <BR><BR>It seems to me that you need to have an affair wishformore, that's what you need. Something that means more than just the sex, but it doesn't have to be "love"... just "like" :-)

I would rather not say 'use' but a woman whose body I could please and caress? Absolutely.