Dang Kidneys..

I think I jinxed myself when I did one of those myspace survey things the other day.  One of the questions asked if you've every felt like you were dying and I answered yes, the night I was in the ER with severe kidney issues.  I went in with almost 106 degree fever and couldn't even answer questions to check myself in.  Luckily I could still write down the answers.  They fixed me up in a few hours with several bags of saline solution and tylenol plus a prescribtion for antibiotics...

Now, how did I jinx myself?  Just a day or so after I did that survey I started getting severe pain in my left kidney.  Yesterday it spread to both sides.  I'm managing with ibprofren right now, and so far today it hasn't started kicking my butt, but I decided that if it starts feeling like it did last night I am definitely going to the ER. 

I wish I had insurance!!

mscrazylady mscrazylady
26-30, F
Feb 16, 2009