I'm Pretty Good At Hiding My Pain..... Until I Can't No More

       Well I was a late bloomer for the girls I went to school with. Even my own family members and younger neighbors got their periods before me. I was almost 18 before i had my first period and they started off wit a bang. Real suddle at first, but I was noticing that regular pain killers worked less often.  The pain on the other hand became more frequent and lasted longer. So after a few years of this and no easing of pain went to doctor after doctor. Was told I had IBS, or acid reflux, several could find anything and said the could help me, one told me I was making the pain up. Several moths later i was rushed in for emergency surgery- my intestines had telescoped into itself, totally blocked. I almost died so much for all in myhead you jerk. well shortly after I was healing from the surgery I noticed the pain still was not going away alittle differant feeling but there. long story short my endometriosisI tink was the cause of the intrasusception(aka- intestine blockage) but of corese the surgeries were done by different doctors so they cant be sure.
piggerface piggerface
26-30, F
Jan 14, 2011