Raspberry Tea Stopped My Painful Periods

I started taking Navane to treat so-called schizophrenia in 1982. It helped somewhat and I continue to take it to this day, not because it helps so much with any, again, so-called, "symptoms," but because it helps me to sleep and I firmly believe that although its makers state that it is not addictive nor habit forming, that it definitely is. I would not want to venture what would happen to me if I tried to stop taking it after these 24 years!

In any case, these neuroleptic drugs have serious side effects. Navane was the one of all the ones they experimented with on me, which I could best tolerate, including Mellaril, Haldol, Respirdal, and the side-effect medicine, Cogenin. After about three years of taking
Navane, I started to have dysmenhorria, which I'd never had in my life. This, the doctor told me in 1988, was because Navane makes the female body mimic pregnancy by producing prolactin, which causes one's breasts to produce milk, and causes one to stop menstruating.

I first had this problem in 1986 when I didn't get my period for almost six months! I didn't think anything of it because I didn't have a clue. Before that, no one ever told me the side effects of any of these powerful neuroleptic drugs. In 1985, I was rushed to the hospital after having consumed some beer, and after writhing on the bathroom floor when my bladder kept filling up and I couldn't void it, to be catheterized, at which time, never before that, the doctor told me that the Cogentin, which is supposed to keep one from suffering the side effects of the neuroleptic, had side effects itself, in that some timed it made one
unable to urinate! The emergency room doctor then told me that I really didn't need the side effect medicine and right then and there, took me off it!

Anyway, my periods became very irregular and very heavy, with a lot of cramping after 1986. I had a D & C (or dilation and curettege, after a miscarriage) in 1988, and sometime after that, I don't know when or by what means, I learned that Raspberry tea and the common spice (herb), ginger, are mild and natural curatives for dysmenhorria.

I did not believe that these would help me, but to this day, the results of them have been miraculous for me. My menses have become pretty regular, although not the normal 28 days cycles, and I get very little cramping and the bleeding is very manageable.

Raspberry tea also helps lessen the flow of one's menses. When I would have a heavy flow, I would drink as many glasses of the tea, either hot or cold, it is efficacious either way, that I could at one time, or at least one or two every hour, until my flow lessenred. I drink lots of ginger ale all throughout the month, but I don't find it necessary to
drink the raspberry tea anymore. If I do, I drink about a half gallon over a month and don't find it necessary to drink it anymore for many months.

Celestial Seasonings teas has a good raspberry tea, called Raspberry Zinger. It has a twist of lemon, which gives it a very nice flavor. I usually boil a quart of water in a pot that I use only for this purpose (I don't cook anything in this pot because even if you use a pot you also use to cook food, the pot has a residue that comes out when you boil the water which you don't want in your tea), and then steep six tea bags in it (I do that twice), for about 20 minutes each time, then I pour the hot tea into a half gallon container with about one half to one cup of honey or sugar, shake it well, and put it in the refrigerator,
where it will keep for at least a month, then drink it whenever I need it. This is a very pleasant tasting tea. 
I also once read that for cramping during one's periods, if one's periods are more or less regular in the times between, one can take pain relievers, like Tylenol (acetominophen) or Motrin or Advil (ibuprophen), beginning two to three days before one's menses are due and that will stop the cramping DURING one's menses. I started that last year, and it has worked! I take at least two Motrin, once per day, for at least three days before I expect my period, and keep it up every day until it starts and I have very little cramping during.
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Thanks for the top tip. Will defnitely try it x

Thank you! Will try the tea.

Celebrex for arthritis is also good to use for cramps. But you must start using it a few days before your period. And w/ the Vioxx scare, Celebrex is right behind it even though side effects are lower w/ this drug