It Feels Just As Awful Every Time!

My dysmennorhea lasts for only a day when I start my period. It starts when I get throbbing cramps in my lower back. I throw up a lot, can't keep medicine down, break into a cold sweat, and go as pale as a ghost. I can barely move because I'm so weak, and it only goes away when I eventually force myself to relax and fall asleep. My doctor prescribed me naproxen, but it only works if I take it before the initial cramps start.
cinnamonlips cinnamonlips
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2 Responses May 12, 2007

I am just like you, OMG! I never throw up until the first day if ny period, i have to miss work or anything else in my life!!!! R your periods getting any better with age? My have a lot.

I don't drink coffee :( And the last time I had an Iced Cappuccino, I got cramps from the caffeine. Bah! I think it's because my system wasn't used to it.