New Side Of Me.

I have gotten used to having my period but let me tell u, the pain is like a knife going into my stomach. I hate it! I get stomach cramps, headaches, mood swings, back hurts and i eat alot. Yep its pretty bad. Haha, my parents hate it because of the mood swings. I have to tell them that im on my period and warn them to not talk to me because i yell for the simplest things. lol! Oh how i wish boys had their periods. Because some complain about girl's attitudes and stuff, men cannot last a day with having a period. Women are strong. We go through alot of ****.
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

I hate period. The pain even wakes we up at midnight and gives me a super bad and anxious mood next morning. :(

I hate it too. The only time a wish I were a guy for a week so I can skip it.

your so right we men could not deal with it were babys to pain u women rock.

Thanks to a woman am here today.
mom is going though the change its worst than bleeding my mom is not okay on the inside. so yeah you women have us beat but i can say i went tho so body pain in my life no one could know about.