Heating pads used to be my best friend but now that I've got prescription medicine, the only thing I feel is a heaviness in my abdomen(which is no prob to me), but sometimes I also feel soreness down there. Most likely from carelessly eating a snack(that's a no-no, shame on me, but it looked so tastey!) Without my prescription medicine and my heating pads, I can't do squat. Speaking hurts, moving hurts. Especially moving. It's like every muscle is connected to each other (maybe they are, I dunno). I move my arm or hand and the pain pulsates within me. I should be comming on it in a few days. I know, like always, i'll wish I could skip it by being a guy for the week. Why don't they have periods? Sure they have as much problems or worse when they don't keep a healthy diet and an active life(there's a lot of secrets kept fom us, huh?), but at least they don't feel sore, pained, crampy, and emotional up to twelve weeks a year. We bleed up to twelve weeks a year....I know our blood makes more of itself but how do we survive that??
goagainsttheflow goagainsttheflow
22-25, F
Jan 10, 2013