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My work,doesn't seem to understand my cramps! they all say that there "daughter, themselves, yada yada" have had it my coworker says she did (shes now 49) but she said she just sucked it up and went to work. Well i have done that and trying to slice meat or cheese while your crumpling on the floor in pain doesn't quite seem appropriate.

     every time i call work, they say they cant find somebody and hound me with phone calls while I'm puking. and i  don't think the board of heath would appreciate if i was puking in a deli. they never hire reliable people who can cover sifts and i work between both of the stores so its just not fair.

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Get a doctors note! Jerks, the most frustrating thing is when people think you are full of s*** while you feel like you are going to die. I have the same problem with my periods but luckily the people at my work are totally cool and understanding.

I had a similar problem when I was younger. As soon as I started to spot, I had to go home because, within an hour, I would be on the john with diarrhea, or throwing up, or both. That first day was always HELL on earth.<br />
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My GP was useless in this. He even prescribed the wrong pain meds. When I finally saw a OBGYN, he told me that I released a hormone at the end of one period that reacted at the start of the next. He gave me a prescription for Motrin. (It wasn't over-the-counter yet.) The prescription was 800mg capsules.<br />
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The doctor told me to start taking the Mortin as soon as I got the warning signs for the start of a period. Apparently, Motrin relaxes the smooth muscles, which is what the uterus is. Between that and Alka Seltzer, I was able to survive.

i appreciate that and i wish for socialized health care

I'm sorry... I live in Australia, and we have a comparatively better Health care system, so I just didn't think about a possible excessive cost for basic treatment.<br />
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I'm sorry you're in that situation.... I would still suggest just telling your boss/es that you have severe nausea, rather than your period, though.... people who don't have actual 'issues' with their periods just don't understand how painful it can be.... If they take issue, then they obviously just, don't get it.... <br />
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I know that doesn't help you, but I wish you luck for the future, and hope you can find a way to get medical help at some point.....

i have only told them a few times what it was cause they needed a reason. i have no health insurance since my dad died and to see a doctor would be more then i can afford. my mom had the same thing, they hooked her up to a morphine drip and it didn't help, but she says birth control helps but is more money then i can sometimes afford, but i will soon, than you tho

You don't have to tell them you have your period..... the fact that you're ill is all they need to know.... <br />
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I would recommend seeing your doctor, though....