Painful Just Isn't Severe Enough...

I have suffered from extremely erratic periods ever since I first got them.

I finally got them regular and then I had my first child. When they offered me the depo, I took it and for the next three months I would have bled almost continuously. The following eighteen months were great, I didn't suffer from period pain or even have a period.

Once I did have my first period it was like someone was trying to stab me from the inside out. I admit it could have been worse, at least I was only bleeding for five days of the month.

Then I had my second child and once I started having my period it was like all bets were off, my body seemed to hate me. I would suffer horrendous cramps for three and a half weeks out of the four and bleed for three weeks.

(sorry tmi) Not only that but I would have huge clots coming out of me all the time and really disgusting diarrhea.

My GP had to put me on the pill, so now I still get horrendous period pain but at least it's only for five to seven days. Although due to blood loss I also have the problem of low iron levels and anemia, can't win them all, can I?

bufy1981 bufy1981
26-30, F
Feb 27, 2009