(JUSt a warning, this is quite TMI and fairly gross. :-)
Yeah mine are just terrible. One period in particular was just horrendous. I was at home, second day of period (which is so heavy Canadian Niagara Falls gets jealous) and I was good until like 11 AM and then my mom was like "let's go to the mall, you and your younger brother." So I was like "alright I'll go put on pants." and then my stomach/uterus/abdominal muscles were like "HAHAHA KNIFE KNIFE KNIFE STAB STAB TWIST AND PULL" and I almost keeled over and my mom was like "what did you trip on" so I said "...my feet....." and ran to the bathroom, hoping to just poop away the pain (which works tremendously well if I've having lower stomach pain otherwise) but on my period I have the urge to defecate my internal organs out every day of my period. Then I just get gassy/diarrhea-ey and waddle around for the rest of the week. So back to the bathroom. I was in there, mummifying my underwear (tampons cause more discomfort and pain, even if I do it right. Just better to avoid them for me entirely.) and I get out, go to my room, find pants, sit on the ground for a while clutching my stomach, and then reach for some of my super strong muscle relaxer (pure sweet marjoram essential oil-undiluted) and waddle out. I get to the mall, to the food court, and I just can't look anyone in the eyes. So I sit down and have some deliciously sinful period food (KFC AND VENDING MACHINE SNICKERS) but I really can't eat much without feeling the need to vomit up my poopy insides. So I eat like two little bites and my mom thinks I just don't want to be out of the house (I'm a hermit, makes sense.) but the pain is excruciating. Hands down the worse pain I've ever felt with any period, any injury, any other ailment has no comparison to this. And then I get a migraine. AND then my mom tells me to go shopping with my brother. Can't walk really, but it will get me to a bathroom, so sure. I go, sprint to the bathroom, but really I'm period constipated so I just can't do anything about any sort of pain whatsoever. EVEn my strongest muscle relaxer didn't help me on this one. I almost puked twice while in the bathroom, but god forbid my body tries to make itself feel better, it gets to the edge and then craps out. DDGDhhagg. I just zombie walked around the entire two hour trip and then ate about 5 bananas when I got home. Right now, it's just bleeding, like through everything. I'm too lazy to get up and check AGAIN but i'm sure I've already ruined these underwears and pants so whatever. Hope you all feel better when you bleed. Take care everyone :-)
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I always feel bad for you girls that have a difficult time with your menses. Hopefully this will improve as you get older.

I do worse I stick two tampons in

Wow. I have to use two pads at the same time. It stinks having heavy periods.

I usually use a pad to catch the occasional leaker

When I have a heavy flow I shove 2 tampons in one shot that usually plugs any leak

Wow. I hope there's a way to lighten it.

I recently went on birth control that stopped everything im now taking NORTREL

So the pill also stopped the bleeding? I know that's unhealthy, but that sounds great to me.

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This was exactly me in middle school and high school! Those menstrual days were HORRENDOUS!