Ouch... Painful Periods

Back when I first started I was very regular, unusual isn't it. And then about a year later I started having my period 2 times a month instead of once. What a pain in the *** it was and then a few times I didn't have my period for a few months in a row and when I did get it I had bloating, cramps, backaches, felt nauseous, and bled for 2 months straight. Darn, I was so bitchy and I felt so bad and my mom was like it's okay baby it's just your hormones and my boyfriend back in highschool ( in 9th grade) didn't even want to be around me anymore. It made me feel like absolute **** and like noone cared. My dad was a **** too. One time I was flowing so heavy I bled through my tampon, my undies, and pajama pants onto the sofa and he called me a ***** and I wasn't even sexually active until 10th grade and my younger brother would always tease me, but my older brother was always sweet and even bought me some tampons once.
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4 Responses Aug 16, 2007

I feel for you, hope you got some help for it eventually

Dads don't understand their daughters. When I get mine, I get really bitchy, and my dad gets mad at me for it. He just doesn't understand. It sounds like you're like me, no sisters to share with.

I have to agree with you. I have never spoke to him again ever since I moved out. My mom said I should, but even she was mad about him saying that and I'm still mad. If he was a better dad, maybe I would be a better daughter. Do you blame me for it?

No offense but your dad was a piece of $hit for saying that!