I Want to Rip Myself Open Whenever That Time Comes

I got my first period around 10-11 years old. And since then, on the first day of my period, I usually undergo EXCRUCIATING and MIND-BLOWING pain. If I do not take any Midol - though these days, even adult-strength Midol is starting to slowly lose its effectiveness - I will usually suffer under my blankets for the next 7-8 hours, getting up periodically to throw up from the sheer amount of pain emanating from my abdomen. I hate being a girl sometimes.
Shinaka Shinaka
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 17, 2007

I am in the same boat.. I started when i was just shy of being 12 i started heavy and have mostly stayed heavy.. Now its getting to the point where i am afraid i am going to pass out.. It runs almost clock work 21 days between.. I have tried birth control but i gained so much weight in such a short period of time.. I don't have health insurance.. I need to work, but this almost causes me to loose jobs..I don't call off but i should i just can't deal with people.. highly concerned now.. after years of mere coping. thank you..

I had the same problem for quite a few years when I started having periods. The pain was horrible and I would get cold sweats and shake and throw up. Sometimes, all I could do was writhe around on the bed and cry.<br />
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I found hot showers aimed directly at my abdomen would help for a bit but it didn't last.<br />
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I finally couldn't take it anymore and told my mom, please take me to the doctor. He gave me an exam and wrote me a prescription for anaprox. <br />
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That little blue pill was magic. I felt no pain at all once the pill took effect. <br />
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Would you consider seeing a doctor for a RX prescription? You won't be sorry.