It's So Badd.

Right now I can barely even eat because the pain is so awful!

I keep having to lean over and scrunch my face up (you know, the painful face).  It hurts so bad.  This bad pain only lasts the first two days.  Then the pain goes away.  But I've noticed my periods are much heavier as of late.  Also, they've been all screwy. 

For the first seven years of my period, it came every four weeks like clockwork.  All the sudden, it changed.  I got my period on December 30th, seven days late.  Then, five weeks later on February 3rd.  I never started a period in January.  Then I got another period on March 4th.  I thought, good, my periods are right back on track now, because it was exactly four weeks after my last.

Wrong.  Today I started my SECOND period for March.  How is that normal??  Two periods in one month??  I only had a three week cycle.  I ovulated just last week.  Usually my period doesn't come until two weeks after the ovulation date.  That is the normal thing.  Right now the pain is so bad that I feel kinda faint.  This sucks.

I am concerned I may have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) because I have several of the other symptoms, now the irregular periods...

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I have so many of the symptoms listed on all the sites. That's why I was thinking that it may be PCOS. The right side of my abdomen is slightly larger than the left, and that is where the pain always is. <br />
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During ovulation, I never feel the pain on the left side. I know when I ovulate because it is also very painful for me. I get horrible cramps, it also feels like someone is throwing salt in a cut, then I get this clear jelly-like discharge. <br />
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I am in so much pain right now.

Hi, I hope this helps. I have had the same symptons as you, but not with the irregular periods. I was just wondering how you know your ovulation date?<br />
In any case, I have had painfull periods for the first two days of my period for quite a while, I recently had pain in my side and the hospital said I had an ovarian cysts on both ovaries as well as a fibroid. Now I have not been diagnosed with pcos, but I also read a lot of articles and maybe am thinking I have the same thing. The cyst was the reason for the pain and I have to go back to outpatients in 6 weeks regarding, but I have been having difficulty conceiving, well the fibroid alone is enough to cause difficultys getting pregnant. It is worrying, I worry all the time and especially as what you read on the internet can be scary. What I would say is ask you doctor to send you for an ultra sound to verify exactly what the problem is, that is the only way you are going to find out for sure what is going on down there. If you do have pcos, from what I know, you can still get pregnant and have children, so if that is why you are in fear, please try not to worry. I hope the pain gets better, but you should get the irregular periods checked out, because there can be many other causes, not just pcos. Take care.