I Feel the Pain...

Since I was a teen, I have had to endure doubling-over, must-die-now pain during my menstrual cycle.  When I was in High School, my doctor gave me a prescription for Anaprox DS (super-duper version of Aleve).  Those giant blue pills were a SAVIOR!  I took them for YEARS...then I had a child, and the cramps stopped all together.  All PMS symptoms stopped.  It was the freakest thing.  Then I had a SECOND child.  It all came back....tri-fold.  Now...for some reason, I am having my periods about every 18 days.  It sucks.  Big-time.  The pain has worsened, and it is more frequent, so I can't even plan anything around it.  I went to my doctor, had a gazillion tests, and there is nothing showing that would give reason for what I am going through.  If I were not so very much wanting to have a child with the man I am now with, I would have all my innards ripped out poste haste!  *L*
Katatonic Katatonic
36-40, F
3 Responses Feb 14, 2007

why don't you go on birth control?

F*** that sucks. When i'm on my period I am such a beeotch. one time i threw a rock at my boyfriends head cuz' i was bloated and said i need to stop wearing sweatpants. D*** head !!!

WOW. I don't know enough about women. I thought you had them once a month and on the same week. You women are confusing. Letting your periods push you around. Tell them NO, bad period!!! Lol, Sorry!!! I get carried away. I hope the pain goes away after your next child though.